Everything you need Animal, Cage
  & Supplies
and after care
Any Reptiles   $3 per day
   Per Cage
 includes all food and care
Virginia's LeaderRodents 
    & Cages
 everything else you will need
30-40 ANIMALS brought right to you Snakes, Bugs
     & Lizards
$150/hr. Please call and set your time.
Let Us Do It For YouSell Your
Split the Sale                        

How to properly  Know the Temp                                            in your tank

DIRECTLY below the heat light or DIRECTLY ABOVE the heat pad. DO NOT use white lights on snakes. DO NOT allow white light to be on 24 hrs a day FOR ANY ANIMAL. If there is a problem, CHECK TEMPS for accuracy and call us immediately.                                           Check out our FAQs for more tips and answers.

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It includes the domain, graphics and programming.  It comes with a shopping cart and numerous development tools. 

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